Okay last picture set for now from ATK.. I still have a couple of videos that will be up sooner or later though so be sure to check back for those :)


Striptease this time as well, but at least she threw in some dildo play in this one :) I'd really like to see her shove a dick up her tight pussyhole one day though..




























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I really liked Megans ass in this set.. looks so juicy and spankable! She spreads her twat too but no surprise there ;)

























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I'm starting to get used to these photosets now.. off with the clothes and spread your cunt :) Hopefully she will shoot with some other sites soon to get some variation. Use the comment field to tell me what you think about these sets!



























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ATK Galleria is clever enough to shoot the hotties multiple times when they first have them at their disposal. So stay tuned for a couple of more sets after this one :)


Not much to say about the photoshoot, it's the usual removing of clothes we've seen so many times. I never back down from an opportunity to see Megan flash her huge delicious boobs though, hope you feel the same way!























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Nice booty shorts she's wearing! She's wearing a thong too but sadly we don't get to enjoy it since she pulled it down at the same time as her shorts. There's a lot of other nice things to look at though, for instance her juicy melons and open wide cunt.

























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4,5 minutes with lots of crazy college action!



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