From the episode Two is Good, Three is Better!. I agree with the title, two babes are definitively better than one :)


Mouna and Megan is making out in bed when Mouna's boyfriend walks in on them. He like what he sees and asks to join in. Megan says it's okay as long as he keeps his greasy fingers away from her! He is fine with that, it's cool to watch a babe way hotter than his girlfriend getting licked while he slams pussy. Check out how it all went down below:


















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Megan fits the Twistys profile perfectly as they do a lot of softcore sets. The always shoot high quality stuff as well as you will soon discover. I have faith that they will bring her back for more hot sets!


Now let's have a look at her get naked in the kitchen then finger her perfect pussy!

























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Megan fucks a couple of dildos in this 3 minute long clip.



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Megan is back @ SAF and is ready to test a few more dildos!


Megan is alone in bed and is horny as hell so she starts to masturbate. That is okay but she's yearning for something more. She had bought two new toys for occasions like these so she took them out of her drawer and got to work! She started with the little one first as a warm-up then finished off with the big one which also gave her an orgasm.



















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